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Gryphon OFS

Your Online Gateway to: Vital Training, 24/7 On-Site Supervision, Advanced H2S Safety Equipment, Regulatory Compliance

The energy industry runs around the clock, Gryphon OFS provides uninterrupted safety services on the same schedule. 247-H2S operates as an online portal to an array of vital resources that our clients depend on, day and night. Contact us today to discover the exclusive advantages we can provide for your company.

Protecting Whats Important

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Services We Offer.

Document Storage

Our secure online database was designed with our clients in mind. We host and organize contingency plans, training records, and any other vital documents for around the clock permission based access from remote field locations, or in office.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide H2S Contingency Plans, permitting, and all state and federally regulated compliance needs.



The Gryphon OFS online storefront offers a convenient option to purchase premium HSE equipment at an affordable price, to handle any challenge the energy industry may throw at you. Visit gryphonofs.com to learn more about our products.


Gryphon OFS  offers a vast assortment of training courses administered on the job, at your location, in our own training facilities, and soon to be on the web. Visit gryphonofs.com to see a full list of courses offered.

24/7 H2S

24/7 H2S set the industry standard for H2S safety. Our services included H2S contingency plans, safety equipment packages, on-site H2S safety supervision, safety training and fit testing, as well as confined space entry and flare stacks.